World Cup Semis Predictions

     There are only four teams left in the World Cup, and the next two matches will decide who gets to play for the title.  All four teams are definitely qualified and worthy of reaching this position, but two of them will have their dream cut painfully short of the final goal.  Here’s who I think advances and reaches the final step in the journey.
     Brazil vs. Germany:  Both of these teams have been dominant, only drawing one game and winning four.  Of course the main headline going into this game is the loss of Neymar, the star striker leading the Brazilian attack.  Replacing him may be Jo, who had an underwhelming performance as a substitute against Chile.  However, Brazil is much more than just one player, which is why this loss doesn’t change my opinion of the game.  The only problem now is that I didn’t have Brazil winning to begin with.  Germany is the best team in the world in my opinion, and I love how they are stacked all the way from goalkeeper to striker, even if they go without a striker on occasion.  I say Brazil scores on a set piece, but Germany’s attacking build up proves too much, maybe even netting Miroslav Klose the goal he needs to set the all time record.  Germany 2 – Brazil 1.
     Argentina vs. Netherlands: Out of all the teams remaining, the Netherlands is definitely the one people least expected to be here, despite their finals appearance in 2010.  Arjen Robben, despite his questionable flopping, has definitely proven his self as one of the best dribblers in the world.  They definitely made headlines by substituting Tim Krul for the penalty shootout, which is the first time in the World Cup a goalie has been brought on for penalties.  He did his job, saving two penalties, the same amount he’s saved in his last twenty tries for Newcastle.  Regardless, they moved on in a 0-0 game against Costa Rica.  On the other hand, Messi set up a play that led to Gonzalo Higuain scoring the only goal of their game against Belgium, knocking out the dark horses.  Messi is now only two games away from going down as one of the all-time greats, winning a World Cup.  This game will be incredible, and I’m having a tough time calling it.  My money’s on Argentina though, regardless of how it happens.  Argentina 1 – Netherlands 0.

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