World Cup FINAL Prediction

     32 teams started on a quest for greatness 31 days ago.  30 have fallen.  Only two remain, and these two teams – Germany and Argentina – now have a chance to play the most important game of their lives.  This one game will decide the fate of two nations’ hopes and dreams, and may even define legacies.  

     Argentina is trying to pull off the greatest win in their nation’ history by winning the World Cup on the home soil of their biggest rival, Brazil.  Leading the way is the best player in the world, Lionel Messi, who could become one of the all-time greats with this precious accolade.  This game may put him on Maradona level.  But it hasn’t been just Messi.  The whole team has played incredible.  In the three knockout round games so far, Argentina has not conceded a single goal.  Angel di Maria scored in the 1-0 win over Switzerland, Gonzalo Higuain was the hero in the 1-0 defeat of Belgium, and Argentina took down the Netherlands on penalties.  I also believe Javier Mascherano has been incredible in playing both as a defender and as an attacker.
     Germany looks like an unstoppable force.  What else is there to say after the 7-1 thrashing of Brazil a few days ago?  Their midfield is the best in the world and it just isn’t even close.  The brilliant display of passing against Brazil was something I may not see for a long time to come.  Even when a player had a shot where they’d score about 50% of the time, they made a pass to someone with a 75% shot, who would make a pass to someone with a 100% chance, because by that time Julio Cesar was out of goal.  Not to mention they have Manuel Neuer, the best goalkeeper in the world.  It’s going to be tough scoring against them.  Thomas Muller might be the player of the World Cup, and players like Sami Khedira and Toni Kroos provide excellent attacking options.  Even players like Andre Schurrle can come off the bench and manage to score goals with ease.
     So what’s the prediction for this one?  A possession game from Germany with slow, build up play, and Argentina trying to capitalize on the counter attack with some of the best forwards the world has to offer.  I expect it to be intense, but in the end I believe Die Maanschaft prevails.  Germany 2 – Argentina 1.

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