Week 16 NFL Picks

With only two weeks left, every game is crucial.  This week, we have already seen the Titans all but lock up the #1 pick in the draft, the Redskins stick a knife in the Eagles playoff hopes, and the Chargers miraculously comeback against the 49ers to save their season and really confirm that these are Jim Harbaugh’s final days in San Francisco.

With a plethora of games today, hopefully a few teams are taken out of the AFC Wild Card race to make week 17 a little less confusing.  As for the NFC, its playoff picture became clearer already, with the Lions locking up a playoff spot thanks to the Eagles loss.  And for god’s sake, I hope the NFC South can get a couple wins.  I think someone in that division NEEDS to finish with eight wins or else everyone will go crazy suggesting a new playoff format that the NFL doesn’t need.  (I mean, only twice in the history of the league have we had this issue of a sub-.500 team making the playoffs, and for nearly 50 years, I don’t think that’s a bad ratio, but moving on.)

Enough warmup.  Here’s who’s going to win today.

Last Week: 11-5
Overall: 147-79

Lions over Bears 27-20.  The Bears have such a bad situation right now, I can’t imagine them winning, especially with Jimmy Clausen.

Dolphins over Vikings 24-16.  It’s been a good run for the Vikings, but it ends here.Saints over Falcons

Saints over Falcons 34-28.  Expect a shootout that gives the Saints the division.

Patriots over Jets 31-13.  Yeah.  This will be a good matchup *eye roll*.

Steelers over Chiefs 27-23.  An absolute must win for both parties.  Steelers will control the wild card with this one.

Packers over Bucs 34-10.  Green Bay, Tampa Bay.  Too bad this battle of the bays will be a blowout.

Panthers over Browns 23-14.  The Panthers will remain in the NFC South hunt by handing Johnny another loss.  And then we can all rethink the whole Johnny Football thing.

Ravens over Texans 27-20.  At home, I would’ve picked the Texans to win if they had their first quarterback, or second, or maybe third.  But Case Keenum?  Nope.

Rams over Giants 31-27.  The Rams are just so underrated this season.  They could easily be in the playoffs except for a few key plays that changed a few games.  Odell will go off again, but I’m not expecting a win from my boys.

Cowboys over Colts 30-24.  The Cowboys offense has been so good, and the Colts’ struggles against the Texans last week doesn’t bode well.  Plus, the Cowboys are at home and could lock up the division.

Bills over Raiders 27-14.  The Bills have been a largely underestimated team will real playoff chances.  Derek Carr hasn’t been too bad himself, but he’s not working with much in Oakland.

Seahawks over Cardinals 20-9.  The Cardinals still have a great defense, maybe the best in the league, but I don’t see them scoring much with Ryan Lindley.

Broncos over Bengals 31-20.  The Bengals are at home, sure, but can they really keep up with Peyton Manning?  Maybe for a bit, but not the whole game.

     Well that’s who I have this week.  Have fun watching the games!
P.S.  I’m in winter break for the next two weeks, so I’m going to be blogging a lot. Last week was finals which explains why I wasn’t writing.

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