The FIFA 16 Soundtrack Game

    FIFA 16, EA Sports’ yearly installment of the popular soccer game FIFA comes out on September 22nd, and to celebrate the release of one of gaming’s most popular franchises, I’ve created a game.  It’s no secret that I love FIFA.  It’s easily the video game I spend the most time playing on an annual basis, and part of that is because the game never really gets old the way Madden does once the NFL season ends.  The gameplay and different game modes are excellent, but one of the more underrated parts of the game is definitely the soundtrack.
     I’m a big believer that game soundtracks can set the atmosphere for a title, and tremendously add to the experience one has with a game.  Every year, EA Sports seem to pull together an incredible list of tracks, coming from many different genres and languages out of nowhere, with most songs coming from relatively unknown artists.  Over the years, I’ve found myself going onto to Youtube several times just to listen to the soundtracks.  They are that good.  This year is no different, featuring more popular artists such as Beck and Iconopop, FIFA soundtrack vets Slaptop and the Royal Concept, and a host of up and coming talents.
     What I find most fascinating about the soundtrack, however, is how I end up hearing so many of the songs and artists in the time after the game’s release outside of the game.  I’ve never formally counted, but I would guess I hear at least 15 or so songs from each soundtrack in other platforms.  Being on FIFA seems to be a springboard to success for many musicians.  Some of the songs even turn into huge radio hits, such as Imagine Dragons’ “On Top of the World” in FIFA 13 and John Newman’s “Love Me Again” from FIFA 14.  There’s a good chance that even if you haven’t played FIFA before (and you should), you’d recognize many of the game’s songs.
     So here’s the game.  If you’re someone that plays FIFA, once you get the game, try to play it for a decent amount of time and learn the soundtrack (and trust me, it’s easy to play FIFA for a good while).  Then try and identify every time over the next year you hear one of the songs somewhere else, whether it be in a commercial, TV show, movie, on the radio, etc.  Basically, make a list of each song you hear and where.
     For instance, the game hasn’t even been released yet, but I’ve already heard Bomba Estereo’s “Soy Yo” in a preview for TV’s Castle.  The FIFA song effect has already begun for this year’s game.  However, you have to see the preview for it to count for you.
     So essentially, that’s the game.  I’ll probably post an update close to the release of FIFA 17 with my results for this game.  But until then, I’ll be playing a lot of FIFA.


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