Recap Special: Jimmy Graham, NBA Free Agency, World Cup, Wimbledon

This is going to be a crazy post.  Essentially, a lot has happened over the past few days, and I mean a lot.  Instead of sticking to one sport, I’m going to run down what’s happened across the World of sport, and what I think about all of it.
First off is an update on a post I did a couple weeks back over Jimmy Graham and his lawsuit against the NFL.  It turns out that Jimmy Graham lost his suit, and will be paid as a tight end in his franchise tag, losing him five million dollars.  I understand completely why the NFL won, but as I said in the original article, found here, I don’t believe their argument is strong enough.  Yes, he was drafted as a tight end, but sometimes NBA players transition from say small forward to power forward while they’re in the league, and can demand money for their salaries that teams can choose to pay or not to sign that player.  In response, Jordan Cameron of the Browns has changed his twitter bio from tight end to pass catcher.  I think this is hilarious, but a good idea if he eventually attempts to become a wide receiver, he might have a better chance than Graham.  Apparently, the fact that Graham was drafted as a tight end, his twitter page, and the fact that he attends tight end meetings all had to do with the decision.  Again, read my previous post if you want to know my full response to this.  Basically, I disagree with the decision.
In other news, Kiko Alonso has suffered a torn ACL and will miss the 2014 season.  This is heartbreaking for the Bills, as he was an amazing player last year especially early on in the season.  Could this loss mean yet another 6-10 season for the Bills?  It seems likely…
In terms of the NBA’s free agency, there have been some real conflicting stories.  Apparently, the Miami Heat believe they can re-sign all of the big 3 and still have over 10 million in cap space remaining.   Wade and Bosh in this scenario are happy taking pay cuts limiting their salaries to around 12 million.  However, LeBron wants a max contract, Bosh wants 5 years, 80 million, and Wade isn’t content with a pay cut either.  At least says another report.  I don’t think the Heat can sign all three players again and still have enough money to build any kind of team around them.  It is now seeming increasingly more likely in my mind that Wade is the only big 3 member to return to Miami for the next season.  LeBron could easily go to Cleveland, and possibly the Clippers or Rockets, although both of those seem like long shots.
In addition, it seems like Carmelo is destined for Chicago.  Chicago has shown Melo all the facilities and training groups, and they seem like a hand in glove fit.  Chicago could be building a super team.  The Rockets also want a peace of Melo, however, and are making a strong push for the Knicks star.  The only problem with that is that putting Carmelo in a Rockets #7 jersey has angered their actual #7, Jeremy Lin.
Gortat has remained with the Wizards, which is great for them.  Gortat has become one of the best centers in the league, and along with John Wall they could become a playoff contender soon.
Another big man needing a home is Pau Gasol.  I’m hearing that the Heat would love him at center, but that the Thunder are also looking for the aging big man, who in recent years has become inferior in production compared to his brother Marc.  Over the next few days, hopefully all these stories will become a bit clearer.
The World Cup round of 16 matches were better than anyone could have anticipated.  With the exception of the Colombia-Uruguay game, every single game was tight and great to watch.  Tomorrow will be my quarterfinals preview, so right now I’m going to give a quick reaction to every round of 16 game.  The catch?  I’m limiting myself to fifteen words for each game.
Brazil vs Chile: South American clash, Luiz header hero, Sanchez strikes, Intense penalty shootout, Pinilla misses, Brazil survives.
Colombia vs Urugay: No more Suarez, James Rodriguez wonder goal, Uruguay deflated, No contest late, Crazy quarterfinal match upcoming.
Mexico vs Netherlands: El Tri attacks early, Dos Santos scores, Unbearable heat, Sneijder beastly, controversial penalty, Mexican heartbreak.
Costa Rica vs. Greece: Unexpected matchup, Costa Rica miracle run, Red card, Greece seizes chance late, Fails in penalties
France vs. Nigeria: Strong performance from Super Eagles, Scoreless duel until late, Pogba scores, seals deal for French
Germany vs. Algeria: Rematch of 1982 controversy, Tight game, Schurrle hero, Algeria comeback short, No record for Klose.
Argentina vs. Switzerland: di Maria attacks, strong Swiss defense, extra time thriller, Messi big assist, almost went penalties.
USA vs Belgium:  Tim Howard = God, Belgium dominates midfield, extra time breakthrough, attempted comeback, Defense dooms Howard
Wimbledon has been going on, and it’s been an exciting tournament thus far.  Serena Williams was forced to retire due to an illness in doubles, and lost in singles, and other top competitors Li Na and Maria Sharapova also lost early in the tournament.  On the men’s side, the top story was Nick Kyrgios, a rookie 19-year old Australian, beating Rafael Nadal, the #2 player in the world.  I love these kind of stories, because it gives you a good look at the future of the sport, and these quality wins can really launch careers.  Now left in the mens draw are #1 Novak Djokovic, #13 Grigor Dimitrov, #4 Roger Federer, and #8 Milos Raonic (who defeated Kyrgios today).  This will be a great chance for Federer to get one last major win before he retires, and is great for everyone remaining as Nadal and Andy Murray are out of the tournament.  The women’s side is even crazier with #3, 6, 13, and 23 remaining, so there’s a real chance for a surprise winner on that side.
With a lot of games going on right now, especially in the World Cup and Wimbledon, the next week promises to be a very exciting one.

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