Top Level Podcast- NFL Week 1 with Dad!      Here is the link to the first episode of the Top Level Podcast!  I hope you guys like it as this took a while to put together, including many, many unforeseen problems.  Anyways, this is the week 1 NFL podcast, which I have done with my dad….


Madden 15 First Impressions

     Madden 15 came out on August 26, officially beginning Madden Season.  I was able to pick up the game this on Saturday, so now that I’ve had a little while to play the game, I thought I’d give my first impressions.  I haven’t gotten into every mode yet,…


Quick Update

     Hey guys.  This is just going to be a quick update with what’s going on and future plans for the blog.  Last Monday started school for me, and obviously that’s taking up a lot of time.  Between school, homework, learning to drive, and personal time, there isn’t much…


How Important is the NFL Preseason?

     The NFL preseason takes place annually during the month of August, typically lasting the four weeks before the NFL regular season begins.  While generally seen by NFL teams as a great opportunity to evaluate their players and select who makes each team’s 53 man roster,  fans have varying…