NFL Week 15 Picks

     We are now in that crucial period of the NFL season where every game means so much.  In each conference there are teams fighting for home field advantage, division titles, and the wild card.  The AFC in particular might have the widest wild card race of all time, considering eight teams are either 8-5 or 7-6 in the wild card hunt.  Any of those teams could easily win the NFC South, where the Falcons, Saints, and Panthers are basically racing to seven wins for the division.  However, the NFC wild card race is also interesting because right now the 9-4 Cowboys are sitting on the outside looking in.  

     No matter who you are, as long as you haven’t been eliminated from the playoffs, every game is important, and any one loss could potentially be dooming.  That’s what makes these last few weeks so crucial.   Time to see who I think keeps there dreams alive and who will fall behind in this very important week 15.
Falcons over Steelers 27-23
Packers over Bills 30-16
Bengals over Browns 24-20
Colts over Texans 31-23
Chiefs over Raiders 24-14
Patriots over Dolphins 34-24
Giants over Redskins 31-14
Panthers over Buccaneers 27-17
Ravens over Jaguars 24-9
Titans over Jets 14-13
Broncos over Chargers 31-27
Lions over Vikings 27-16
Seahawks over 49ers 27-13
Eagles over Cowboys 34-21
Saints over Bears 31-20
Have a great week 15,

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