Memory Lane: A Blog from Connor, age 11

     My first ever experience with blogging (although I use the term loosely), came during February and March of 2010.  During this time, I wrote 13 sports blogs to a list of email subscribers which started as just being my parents and grandparents, but grew to nearly 20 people, either family members or family friends.  Back then, the “blogs” weren’t nearly as insightful as they are now, and more or less took the form of news recaps, but looking back recently, I still found great joy in reading some of my earliest work.
     Since I’ve been pretty busy with school starting and a couple big projects I hope to reveal very soon, I thought I’d take this opportunity to share one of my pieces, written back on March 4, 2010, just three days after my 11th birthday.  I chose this one in particular because in it I talk about Jason Pierre-Paul, who the Giants would go on to draft later that year.  It’s funny to hear me write about a guy I ended up liking so much that I got his jersey (although his present finger situation is quite annoying to say the least).  The intro is pretty irrelevant so I’ll skip it, but otherwise, here’s a look at my writing from a long, long time ago.
P.S.  I’m well aware there’s a couple mistakes in this piece, but I decided to leave it unedited.  I found where I say “meat Jason Pierre-Paul to be particularly cringe-worthy, but what can I say?  I was pretty young.  Anyways, here you go.

          Basketball first and on the up and rising is forward-center Andray Blatche.  Averaging only 11 points and 6 rebounds a game; the last 3 games have been amazing.  How about 26.7 points, 14 rebounds 4.3 assists and a 60% field goal percentage.  He is only 23 and performing amazing, and will be a future star for the Wizards.  Now that Kevin Martin is a Rocket, they have new hope in trying to catch a team for a spot in n the playoffs.  Martin playing amazing since he got traded.  The Cavs took down the Nets, making them 6-54, a win percentage of exactly ten right now.  The worst record ever was by the 76ers and was 9-73, which means the Nets would have to win three of the next twenty two games to be able to tie for worst ever.
         Ok here it is, the next part, the NFL.  Meat Jason Pierre-Paul.  He wants to be in the NFL and his gymnastics talent might really help him get there.  He suddenly has increasing value to scouts after boasting and then doing 23 back flips in a row.  He is all over it and on YouTube if you want to see.  It may be trouble for Texan Steve Slaton.  After having an amazing rookie season, his carelessness with the ball and sophomore slump lost him the starting roll and with the  Texans desperately needing an RB, Steve can’t feel comfortable.  
         Spring Training has been in play and they are actually doing some games against each other now, and the Phillies won a game against the Yankees, a rematch of the last world series with a different winner.
          Nathan Green of Australia will finish in the lead of the first round of the Honda Classic Golf Tournament.  He is 5 under with Camilo Villegas in a tie for second.  A harder course for  closer action!  I have DJ Trahan and Anthony Kim for the win in this one.  If that happens, I’ll be surprised, though.  How about last year’s winner Y.E. Yang at +9!?  What a shocker!
           One sentence on Hockey: they are debating whether or not to let NHL players participate in the Olympics in 2014, and the Olympics to come.
          With Duke’s loss to a Greivis Vasquez led Maryland team pushes Kansas St to a 1 seed and Duke to a two and Villanova a 3 seed for me.  Already, some of the conference tournaments have started such as the Big South and Horizon league.  Has anyone noticed how good UNLV is this year?  In the Mountain West they are number 3 at 10-5, and overall 22 and 7 being a very good record considering that that is the record of 3 seed Ohio State right now.  Expect a quick tourney exit from Purdue as I don’t think they are good without Hummel.  Maybe a second round exit for the Boilermakers without their injured star.
         Another new sport is Tennis.  Right now the Davis Cup is on and the Americans aren’t in the best position.  Okay, everybody, we are going to get killed.  Tennis is one of those sports where every country seems to have a star and we don’t compare awesomely.
                    Next blog is on Monday.  Bye for now,

     Good times, good times.

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