Introducing: Top Level Madness 2015

     This is a quick update to let everyone know my plans for March Madness this year.  Simply put, it’s going to be crazy.  Starting today and going through the day before March Madness starts (Mar. 18), I will be posting something college basketball themed EVERY DAY.  I know this seems crazy, and that I’m setting a really high expectation for myself, but trust me, I already have it all planned.  This might mean bracketology, a podcast, an article, or predictions, so be sure to stay tuned daily to see what I’m throwing out there.  Once the tournament starts, I’ll be giving my thoughts after the conclusion of every round, although knowing me I’ll probably have a few rants about my bracket and upsets along the way.
     I’m super excited about March Madness this year, as it is always my favorite event of the year and I’m more thrilled than ever to see what madness 2015 has in store.
     Stay tuned,

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