Brazil vs. Germany HALFTIME Reaction: Oh. My. God.

     I am writing this during halftime.  I have fifteen minutes to try to express to you how confused I am, how excited I am, and what has just happened.  Disclaimer: this could get crazy.
     This kind of game comes once in a lifetime.  I don’t think I am wrong when I say that this is the most unexpected result in World Cup history.  Forget leaving with pride, there’s just no chance.  Brazil has fallen flat, and the losses of Neymar, but more importantly Thiago Silva, who is serving his yellow card ban, has destroyed this team.  In their own country, they have been completely thrashed.  Destroyed.  Killed.  Made to look like fools.  This Brazilian team came out unprepared, and resembled a group of elementary schoolers who schoolyard picked a team during recess.  If you would’ve told me this group had never played with each other or even met each other before, I would believe you.  I do not hesitate to say that I believe the worst ranked team in FIFA, Turks and Caicos, would be playing much, much better.
     From the first second of this game you could tell something was very, very wrong.  Brazil was disorganized, giving up the ball every time they touched it.  Germany had came prepared, fierce, and were by all means ready to play the best game of their lives.  Germany’s best game was paired with Brazil’s worst.  Take any game either team has played and make Germany better and Brazil worse.  I’m not sure what is to blame for Brazil’s catastrophic meltdown.  Luiz Felipe Scolari is going to have to give some kind of crazy halftime speech just to keep the deficit at five goals, a goal difference that any team would be embarrassed to see.
     There are incredible statistics to show how insane this is.  Brazil hadn’t allowed 5 goals in an entire World Cup since 1998.  They hadn’t lost a competitive match in Brazil since 1975.  The last time someone scored 5 goals in a semis match was in 1958.  Germany just did that in 30 minutes.
     The first goal was a perfectly executed corner kick from Thomas Muller.  Then I blinked.  Then Miroslav Klose made a good run to get into position in the center of the box.  Julio Cesar saved the shot, but parried it right back to Klose, who then scored his sixteenth all-time World Cup goal.  By the way, congrats on a historic achievement Klose.  After that it absolutely fell apart.  I blinked, a goal.  I blinked, another goal.  Brazil just gave up.  It was miserable to watch, and I felt genuinely terrible for the players, fans, everyone.  Losing two great players makes a difference, but nothing anywhere near this.  Germany just kept piling on the pressure, and they kept scoring.
     It was a ruthless performance from the Germans, and the faces on the Brazilian players and fans are each worth much more than a thousand words.  The total disappointment, heartbreak, shock, and confusion perfectly tells the story of this match so far, and anyone who has watched the game (over 2 billion people I would guess) can agree with me.
     There are so many words I can use to describe this match.  Romp, domination, destruction, and annihilation are just a few.  There is no excuse for carelessly giving the ball away in perfect position for Germany to score.  Germany played great, but Brazil didn’t provide any resistance.  They just sat back and got dominated.
     If any Brazilians are reading this, I am sorry.  This has been a horrible half, and for you and your country’s sakes, I hope they can somehow turn this around.

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