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2017 NFL Predictions: Week 3

My Week 2 picks started out great- headed into the afternoon slate of games, I stood at a perfect 9-0.  Then things went downhill, fast. Alright, Giants fan.  Time to stop picking the Giants.  So I went 11-5 on the week, bringing my 2017 total to 20-11.  Pretty average.  Luckily,…


2017 NFL Predictions: Week 2

The Bengals play host to the Texans tomorrow to kick off the NFL’s Week 2, which means it’s time for my weekly NFL predictions.  I opened the year with a pretty average 9-6 record in Week 1 and stayed alive in Survival Football after the Bills took down the Jets….


2017 NFL Predictions: Week 1

Welcome to another year of Top Level Sports NFL Predictions!  2016 was my first year posting weekly predictions for the entire season, and I finished the year off with a record of 164-90-2, getting 64.5% of games correct.  This placed me in the 97th percentile of all pick-em users on…


On Second Thought: the One-and-Done Rule

Welcome to “On Second Thought”, a new series where I review some of my old articles, critiquing my arguments and explaining how my views have changed over time.  For this first edition, I’ll be taking a look back at my piece on the One-and-Done rule. Original Article: Why the “One…