Articles by Connor Groel


2017 NFL Predictions: Week 1

Welcome to another year of Top Level Sports NFL Predictions!  2016 was my first year posting weekly predictions for the entire season, and I finished the year off with a record of 164-90-2, getting 64.5% of games correct.  This placed me in the 97th percentile of all pick-em users on…


On Second Thought: the One-and-Done Rule

Welcome to “On Second Thought”, a new series where I review some of my old articles, critiquing my arguments and explaining how my views have changed over time.  For this first edition, I’ll be taking a look back at my piece on the One-and-Done rule. Original Article: Why the “One…


The Worst NBA Playoffs Ever?

I’ve been putting off writing this for a while.  I tried to keep hope alive that things would change, but at this point, things have just gotten out of hand.  What on earth is going on with the NBA playoffs?  Last night, the Cleveland Cavaliers led the Boston Celtics by 41…