Articles by Connor Groel


Why Are eSports So Popular?

The following for eSports is simply staggering.  Last year’s League of Legends World Championship was watched by 43 million people, a record since passed by the 46 million who tuned into IEM Katowice in March.  eSports already boast well over 200 million unique viewers annually, a number set to continue…


Take5: NBA Awards and Playoff Predictions

Russell Westbrook.  James Harden.  Kawhi Leonard.  LeBron James.  These four NBA superstars have all just finished unbelievable seasons, all of which would be MVP-worthy in a typical season.   However, with an explosion of triple-doubles and stunning solo performances this year, only one of these names will win the league’s greatest…


Introduction to March Madness

So you’re new to this whole March Madness thing.  You know it’s some kind of basketball tournament, and that people are all talking about filling out brackets.  But what does it all mean, and why does everyone care so much?  Well, I’m going to tell you everything you need to…