July 2016


Focus on the Games of Rio 2016

The atmosphere surrounding the upcoming 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro has largely consisted of fear and uncertainty, and for good reason.  A smorgasbord of issues including Brazil’s recent outbreak of the Zika Virus, water pollution, political corruption, high crime rates, and poor infrastructure has dominated media coverage, leaving the…

Sports Issues

Cheating in Sports Needs Stronger Punishments

One of the greatest problems in professional sports has been repeatedly brought in the spotlight with the upcoming 2016 Summer Olympic Games: doping.  It began with the ban of the Russian track and field team resulting from a government-sponsored doping scheme which nearly resulted in the disqualification of the entire…


NBA Free Agency Contracts are Insane

“Timofey Mozgov’s agent must be the greatest negotiator of all-time.”  That was my first impression of the Russian center’s new four-year, $64 million dollar contract with the Los Angeles Lakers, the first reported deal of the NBA’s 2016 Free Agency.  Mozgov will be 30 years old by the beginning of…