June 2016


Gripes with Sports Media: Stealing the Spotlight

Through a variety of platforms including television, websites, and social media, the sports media has flourished in recent years, providing more information, analysis, and feature stories than ever before.  However, with this expansion have arisen issues which I believe are damaging the quality of the industry.  These problems will be…

Euro 2016

Euro 2016 Round of 16 Predictions

The group stages have trimmed the starting field of 24 nations at the 2016 UEFA European Championships down to 16, and while the world has seen the last of Zlatan Ibrahimovic playing for Sweden, there are many other big names and intriguing matchups to highlight the knockout stages.  Interestingly enough,…


2016 NBA Finals Prediction

This year’s NBA Playoffs have been a tale of two conferences.  The Cleveland Cavaliers faced little resistance in the East on the way to LeBron James’ sixth consecutive NBA Finals appearance.  Tyronn Lue became the first head coach to win his first 10 playoff games, and in doing so, his team swept both…