2016 NFL Predictions: Week 9

Can the Vikings snap a two-game losing streak?

Week 9 marks the halfway point in the NFL season, and with every division besides the AFC East still up for grabs, we’re reaching the part of the season where every game seems to have a huge effect on whether a tea will make the playoffs.  This week contains several important divisional games that may end up deciding playoff spots.  Among these are the Bucs trying get within a half-game of the Falcons, the Lions attempting the same against the Vikings, and the Giants and Eagles playing to gain the upper hand on at least a wild card spot.  Additionally, the Ravens and Steelers will play, as well as the Raiders and Broncos, for the lead in their respective divisions.

Last week I went 8-4, and nearly correctly predicted my first score of the season.  I went Bengals 27-24 over the Redskins, which was looking good until the Redskins kicked a field goal to send the game into overtime and eventually draw.  Just a few hours later, I  nailed the score of the Panthers-Cardinals game, but chose the wrong victor.  I’ll make this very clear: predicting the final score of an NFL game is next to impossible.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to pull one out this week- here are my picks for the 13 games in week 9.

Remember to comment your predictions and feel free to ask any me questions or discuss any upcoming games.


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