November 2015

Gripes with Sports Fans

Gripes with Sports Fans: Jersey Burning

The day was July 8, 2010.  After months of endless speculation, a television special was aired that immediately changed the face of the NBA; one where the best player in the league announced that he would be joining the Miami Heat.  I’m talking about LeBron James and The Decision. Immediately…


73 Wins for the Warriors?

Friday night, the Golden State Warriors won a back-and-forth affair against the Chicago Bulls, finally pulling away midway through the fourth quarter to a 106-94 victory. Many claimed this would finally be the night the Warriors were defeated, but as Thursday’s incredible 23-point comeback at the Clippers proved, as long…


NBA Disparity and Changing the Playoffs

The 2014-15 NBA Season saw the predictable continuation of a longstanding problem: the Eastern Conference is laughably weak compared to its cross-country counterpart. It seems year after year the Western Conference has an incredibly competitive playoff race which sees a good team miss the postseason whereas the East routinely sees…