July 2015


Fantasy Football Draft Strategy Guide

Disclaimer: links used in this post apply to the 2015 fantasy football season.  If you’re reading this post in the future, take a minute to find the current versions of the pages I talk about.     Congratulations, football fan.  You’ve successfully made it through the offseason and now as training…

Gripes with Sports Fans

Gripes with Sports Fans: Bandwagon Crucifiers

     Fair-weather fans.  They love their sports teams when they are championship contenders, and aren’t going to let you forget for one second how many wins they’ve had in a row, or simply how much better they are than your team.  However, when things aren’t looking so bright, they’ll…


The Insane Wealth of Floyd Mayweather

     Floyd Mayweather is one rich man.  If the fact that his nickname is “Money” didn’t tip you off to that already, then all the news stories about his ridiculous purchases and bets sure have.  To give just a few examples, he owns an estimated $50 million in cars,…