June 2015


Open to Suggestions

     Do you have a sports topic that you want researched?  Are you interested in my opinion on a particular subject?  If so, I’d like to remind you that while I typically have a couple posts that I am either in the process of writing or researching, which can…


MLS Anonymous Player Poll Reactions

     To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Major League Soccer, ESPN gave an anonymous poll to 61 current players in the league asking them various questions about the structure and state of the league.  Since this is a great chance to understand the players’ on many important issues in…


I Hate Tanking in Sports

     If I had to pick one idea in sports that I hate above all others, it very well might be tanking.  For the uninformed, tanking is when a sports team intentionally loses games, usually in an effort to receive a higher pick in the upcoming draft, but also…