December 2014


Top Level Sports on Twitter

     Just a short update to let everyone know that I am now on Twitter.  My handle is @ConnorGroel and that’s where I’ll be expressing my opinions on all things sports and just talk about things that might not be big enough to get their own post on the blog….


Week 16 NFL Picks

With only two weeks left, every game is crucial.  This week, we have already seen the Titans all but lock up the #1 pick in the draft, the Redskins stick a knife in the Eagles playoff hopes, and the Chargers miraculously comeback against the 49ers to save their season and…


NFL Week 15 Picks

     We are now in that crucial period of the NFL season where every game means so much.  In each conference there are teams fighting for home field advantage, division titles, and the wild card.  The AFC in particular might have the widest wild card race of all time,…


NFL Week 14 Picks

     Four weeks are left in the NFL’s regular season, and not a single team has clinched a spot in the playoffs.  In fact, every team has lost at least three games, proving that in today’s game, anyone can win on any given Sunday.  Who will win this Sunday?…